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The Concept

An elegant and fun Nordic style tasting counter menu brought to you by a Spanish chef with diverse world experience and a penchant for all things botanical.

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Ruben's career took him around the globe and into the kitchens of some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants, including Atomix in New York, where he was head of Research and Development, Minibar by Jose Andres in Washington D.C. as head chef, Luca Fantin at Bvlgari Tokyo, Azurmendi in Bilbao, and in Copenhagen, both Noma and Geranium.

When it comes to his menus, the most important ingredients are the seasons, the freshest produce grown by local farmers and the best products the sea and forest have to offer. Every part of each ingredient is considered to preserve its integrity and highlight its flavor. All products must be handled with the utmost respect and care.

Throughout the years, Ruben has realized that food is only a fraction of what makes a wonderful restaurant. He fully believes that for an overall excellent experience, personal connections with staff leading to friendly yet impeccable, detailed service are just as important as the food.


“Creatividad es no copiar” Ferran Adria.

Having worked in kitchens where creativity is always the main focus, Ruben has been able to hone his craft in a way that melds his strong Spanish culture with cuisines of other lands. During more than a decade of traveling around the world, he has developed a particular affinity for Nordic, Japanese and Korean styles, but is never afraid to add an ingredient native to Spain to any dish, all the while keeping things elegantly unique.